One of our biggest customers comes from homeowners who need to sell their homes and move quickly for employment or another reason. Have you ever considered having to sell your home and be out in a week or less? Having to move that quickly will undoubtedly mean you will have a lot of junk on your hands that will need to be removed.

It’s a Seller’s Market

Homes are selling like crazy right now, especially in Sacramento and Northern California. We’ve been busier than ever as a result of this and have a few tips to share if you’re in the position to sell your home.

Look At All of Your Stuff

We’re in the business of “stuff” and we’ve seen a lot. When you’re getting ready to sell your home, think about what you can start getting rid of today. More often than not we pick up a lot of little items that would be easy for homeowners to remove themselves rather than hire a service like ours. We’ll handle the big stuff if you can take care of the little stuff.

Don’t Forget the Outside

It’s one thing to prep your home for sale on the inside, but you have to remember the outside curb appeal too. We pick up tree branches, bushes, old yard tools like broken lawn mowers, garbage cans and anything that may leave the outside appearance of your home looking cluttered. Take a look at our curbside pickup service if this is something you need help with – we would be glad to help out!

Where Are People Going?

While we love the great state of California, we understand it’s not for everyone. We get the mountains in Tahoe and the beach to the west, but we also have higher property taxes and are a bit more expensive compared to other states. We’ve been curious about where Californians are going and why they are choosing to sell their homes. Of the last 20 or so homeowners we’ve worked with, we’ve heard three consistent responses:

1) Moving to be closer to family. This is a more recent response as a result of the pandemic. We see a lot of younger people moving back home to be closer to their friends and family members.

2) Moving for a new job. The pandemic left so many people out of work in California that this one isn’t a surprise. People are leaving the state for jobs in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

3) I’m retired and don’t need to be in California. We hear this reasoning a lot from older folks who have retired and simply don’t want to stay in California. Many of them are moving to be close to relatives or they are moving into 55+ communities in Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Colorado.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s safe to say Sacramento is losing a lot of homeowners. It’s good for our business because junk is always present when people move, but it will be interesting to see what happens in the near future with California’s housing prices.

If you’re moving and you need help getting rid of anything in your property, please contact us for a quote!