Residential Junk Removal

Our residential junk removal services are perfect for any homeowner or renter in need of having a piece of furniture, an appliance, mattress, trash, or anything else hauled away to the dump or donation center. We make junk removal easy. All you need to do is give us a call and we take care of everything!

When might you need us? Let’s say you’re cleaning out your house, yard, or garage and come across a lot of things you don’t want or no longer need, or have something that’s been broken or damaged and can no longer be used. That might do it! There are a lot of reasons to give us a call for anything related to residential junk removal.

Signs It’s Time to Call Us

1. You Have a Lot of Things You Don’t Use

When looking at your things, if you find items that you forgot you had or that you no longer use, then it’s probably time to get rid of them. You may have been holding onto these things because they were expensive or they have sentimental value, but if you don’t use them, they are just taking up space.

A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used an item in the past 6 months (not counting holiday items that only get used during certain times of the year), then you don’t need it. If it’s broken, it should also be thrown out.

2. You Can’t Use Your Garage

If you haven’t been able to use your garage to store your cars or to work on projects because it is being used as storage, this is another sign that you need to clean out your house.

3. Something Smells

When you walk into an area that has a lot of stuff, do you notice a strange smell? This is another sign that it’s time to get rid of your stuff. There are many reasons why the space could be developing an odor, including bacteria or mold growth. Both of these can have an impact on you and your family’s health, so taking care of the problem is in your best interest. Consider calling in someone who can “pick up my junk” and get your house smelling fresh and clean.

In addition to a funky smell, if you notice an increase in the number of insects around or in your home or where you are storing stuff, this is another sign that you need to get cleaning. Cockroaches, ants, flies and other insects are drawn to warm food sources, and your pile of stuff may be offering them just what they need. These creatures can be a health hazard, so get rid of your stuff to get rid of the insects.

4. You Haven’t Seen Your Grass in a While

Should you notice that your stuff is migrating from your house into your yard, this is another sign that it’s time to start cleaning. Your landscaping contributes to your property value, as well as makes your house look appealing. If your yard is covered in garbage or broken items, you could be lowering the value. This is another sign it’s time to get rid of stuff you no longer need.


Professional Junk Removal to Clear Your House of Clutter

Our local residential junk hauling services will come out to your home and take care of business. We’ll take away appliances, furniture, electronics, yard equipment, swing sets, and more! Junk Removal Sacramento is committed to top notch customer service and satisfactory services, guaranteed!