Commercial Cleanup

Commercial junk removal services are used by businesses for cleaning up the business site, but also for management companies that must deal with the mess left behind by tenants who move out and leave things behind. Owners of commercial properties would do well to develop a good relationship with a junk hauling service so that they know who to call when they need help. Other times, businesses simply need large amounts of computers, office furniture, or desks/cubicles moved out to make room for new ones. In either case, a professional junk removal service is a great contact to have.

When it comes to business, the work of removing any items like electronics, desks, chairs, or other furniture from the office is something employees should never do. Not only is it not their job, but it can also lead to workers comp claims if anyone is injured. That’s why commercial junk removal services are a great resource for a business owner or property/facilities manager. We can take care of the job while the employees get started on enjoying the new models.

What types of things do we haul out of businesses? We see a lot of different requests, but there are a few things we see more often than others:


Offices are full of e-waste. Virtually every office these days uses computers, printers, scanners, copiers, and other electronics. Of course, these electronics don’t last forever, and sooner or later, they’ll need to be updated. When that happens, dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of electronics will need to be thrown out or recycled. For professionals with busy schedules, the last thing needed is trying to figure out how to dump e-waste properly.

Junk Removal Sacramento will come out to your office with our trucks and trailers and make sure your e-waste is disposed of properly.

Appliance Removal

Not only do businesses have electronics that are periodically in need of updating, they also have appliances that are in need of the same. Many offices have microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, stovetops, hoods, sinks, and ovens that need to be hauled away to make room for more modern, newer models.

These items can often be heavy, bulky, and awkward to move. Rather than risk injury or waste time, call in a professional appliance removal company to do it for you.

Furniture Hauling

Appliances and electronics are not the only things that are often replaced or updated within an office. Chairs, couches, tables, and desks are often changed every few years- and are usually seen in much larger quantities. This not only creates heavy loads, but big loads, far too much for office staff to handle. Nor can office furniture simply be thrown in a dumpster or trash can, especially if there is a lot of them.

Junk Removal Sacramento has the resources and manpower to handle the dozens of desks, chairs, and tables that your office or business needs disposed of. Office furniture removal is a daunting task, but not for the pros!

We’re here to make things easy and simple!

Call and ask about our commercial cleanup services today!