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​Sometimes doing a cleanout or haul away is necessary. That’s what Junk Removal Sacramento specializes in. We take the junk away. You may be wondering if you should attempt to do the process on your own, but we make the job easy, painless, and stress-free!

If one or a few of the signs listed here apply to you, then doing a cleanout is necessary. You may be wondering if you should attempt to do the process on your own or if you should get some help. Below are some questions you can ask to help determine if you should call in the professionals.


We provide residential junk removal for homeowners.


Cluttered business space? We’ll remove the junk for you.

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Put your junk on the street and we’ll pick it up for you.

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Should You Hire a Junk Removal Service?

If you aren’t in a hurry and you have plenty of time to sift through your belongings, then this is a job that you can do by yourself at your leisure. However, if you’re like most people, then you want to get this task taken care of as soon as possible. If you don’t do it now, it will never get done, and this could lead to frustration and more junk building up in your home.

Since you need the stuff removed in a timely manner, then you’ll probably want to call in a junk service. They’ll have the people and equipment to get this task done effectively and efficiently. You’ll be able to get your house cleaned up in no time when you call in a professional.

How Much Stuff Do You Have?

How Much and What Type of Stuff Do You Have?

If you only have a few things that need to be hauled away, then you may be able to handle this on your own. Depending on the items that you are throwing away, you may be able to put them in your trash for the sanitation department to pick up. Before doing this, though, you may want to check with them to make sure they’ll take the items you are getting rid of.

Should you have a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of or if you have items that the sanitation company won’t take, calling in professionals who specialize in junk haul away is in your best interest. They’ll take care of it quickly and properly so that you can get back to organizing your home. That’s our goal here at Junk Removal Sacramento. 

In addition to looking at how much stuff you have, you’ll also need to consider how big the items are. If you have a lot of furniture or heavy items, then calling a professional company for junk removal will save you a lot of hassle. You can always call in friends or family to help with this process, but you may not be able to get the assistance you need. There’s also an increased risk that you or someone else can get injured when moving heavy items.

When you call in a local junk hauling company, they will have the strength and ability to get rid of your large, heavy belongings. They will also have the proper safety gear to move these items without injuring themselves. This alone is worth the investment and call.

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Sacramento Junk Removal Can Handle It.

We have the best service of any local company. As the city’s most trusted junk hauling service, we conduct our business with your interests and safety in mind. Our goal is to make sure your clutter disappears as quickly and as cost-effective as possible. We go above and beyond in our mission to provide quality customer service and efficient cleanouts.

What Can Be Hauled?

We’ll haul almost anything imaginable. Big items that are hard for the ordinary person to manage are frequently removed by professional hauling services. This is especially true for people that don’t have a truck or a trailer to load up with junk, but even for people that own a vehicle they could use, the ease of having someone else come in and remove junk is a far better choice than them having to do it themselves. No getting dirty, dealing with sore muscles or a painful back. Just hire a junk removal service like us and watch the junk disappear like magic.

Some of the most common big items removed by professional junk haulers include appliances, cabinets, vanities, swing sets, playgrounds, boats and RV’s, Christmas trees, shelves, dishwashers, refrigerators, big screen televisions, washers and dryers, hot tubs, sheds, decks, mattresses, armoires, tables, chairs, and other furniture.

It doesn’t have to be big to need removing, and those who have a lot of clutter sitting around can truly appreciate the help that comes from having someone else step in and haul off all the extra junk like books, electronics, glassware, printers, computers, sporting goods, TVs, household trash, garage junk, broken tools, old toys, rugs, dishes, junk from storage units, estate junk, and just about anything else imaginable.

Whatever type of junk you need removed, we can take care of it. Junk Removal Sacramento is the premium source for local junk removal. We’re trusted by many clients to do a variety of jobs. We’re professionals here to help you. Give us a call today! ​​​​

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