Curbside Junk Pickup

Just like your weekly trash hauling and pick up, sometimes the easiest way to dispose of anything is to have it picked up at your curb. General junk removal doesn’t have to be different. Curbside junk pick up services are a great, easy way to have us dispose of something for you.

There are many things that are ideal to use this service for, such as lawn waste. Home owners sometimes tackle large landscaping or yard projects that yield a lot of weeds, grass clippings, tree stumps, and more. It can be really time consuming to have to transfer and transport it, especially when you have the option to put it at the curb for a professional hauling service to come pick up for you.

​Likewise, if a major storm has recently come through and knocked branches or leaves out of trees, uprooted plants, or blown debris into your yard, it’s much easier and faster to round it up at the curb for someone else to take care of. Sacramento Junk Removal is the team that can come pick up your junk, yard waste, and storm debris right at the curb like it was never even there.

What do you do with your Christmas tree after the holiday season has passed? That’s often an awkward disposal for a lot of people, and sometimes the trees are left to rot in the back yard. Some people chop or saw it up for firewood, but most others wonder how to get rid of it. With Sacramento Junk Removal, you just have to pick up the phone and dial (916) 943-4357 and the Christmas tree will no longer be your problem!

Often, these items are already in the yard, or are very easy to move to the curb. That means minimal work but with the same desired result.

What else can be picked up curbside?

We’ll pick up just about anything! Our curbside junk pick up service is an extension of our residential services, so any type of home furniture and appliances, as well equipment and tools, play sets, above ground pools, electronics, mattresses, and much more is available for us to take away. Curbside junk removal is also a great idea if you’re cleaning out the garage and have various items you need to throw out. Usually, you want to utilize the free space immediately, so just move it to the curb for us to haul away!

Our diverse range of service options is sure to fit your needs!

We’re here to make things easy and simple!

Call and ask about our curbside junk pickup services in Sacramento today!