Property Cleanouts

A property cleanout can be a headache. They’re often time consuming and depending on the situation can yield a lot of junk that needs to be disposed. For anyone attempting a cleanout of junk and other items, getting together an organized and efficient process can be difficult. Once the place is cleared out, and throughout the entire process, it will need to be transported to a dump or donation center.

Rather than doing all the work yourself, you can make it easier by calling us! We provide services for a wide range of needs:


Sometimes when renters and tenants are evicted from a residence, they leave a lot of things behind. If this is the case, the property you own can often be cluttered with all kinds of different items from couches, chairs, entertainment centers, beds, toys, and who knows what else. Once the tenants are gone, it can often be difficult to contact them in order to return the stuff they’ve left. This leaves you as the home owner with a predicament: how to get rid of the junk suddenly filling your rental property.

Luckily, Junk Removal Sacramento offers professional eviction clean outs. Call us at (916) 943-4357 or submit your information on the right and we’ll come out, size up the job, and take your junk away faster than you can believe.

Hoarder Situations

Hoarder situations can be a nightmare. Hoarding is a habit that builds up over time and soon those who try to help are faced with a daunting task. How on earth do you get rid of the junk that’s piled up? Where do you even start? Clearing out a hoarder situation can be overwhelming, but Junk Removal Sacramento is here to take the stress out of helping your friends, family, or loved one.

Storage Units

Storage units need to be cleared on a variety of occasions. Maybe you’re spring cleaning and want to get rid of some things that are just taking up storage space.

Or perhaps you’re moving and want to take the opportunity to lighten the load. Did a love one recently pass? You might end up having to clean out more than just a house. In any case, these storage units can be packed full of antique furniture, personal belongings, clothing, and more. The sheer amount of it can make it difficult to know where to start, as well as where to donate or dump.

Junk Removal Sacramento can make it easy. Our teams come to you and help you sort through everything so that you can decide what stays and what goes. We will then dump or donate everything as it applies, leaving you without stress or worry. Give us a call (916) 943-4357.


Homes that have recently been foreclosed tend to be in need to be appliance hauling, old carpet removal, and/or clearing out other personal items that the previous owners may have left. Junk removal in Sacramento for foreclosure properties can be done at an affordable price and with expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re a realtor or new home owner of a previously foreclosed property you can call us and we’ll make sure you get the quality junk removal service you need. ​Lenders can also contact us for these services as well if the home is up for auction or resell with any items such as appliances, carpet, or personal belongings left from the previous owners that need to be removed.

We’re here to make things easy and simple!

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