As a business, we’re often asked why our prices are so high for junk removal. For business and residential customers, they see junk removal as a cleanup process that doesn’t require any skill. However, as we tell our customers, it’s not as simple as just hauling away junk. There are safety considerations involved, sometimes emotional concerns and we have to really sink our teeth into cleaning up a property. It truthfully takes time and a lot of skill.

Junk Removal…A Special Skill?

Our junk removal experts all come from contracting and construction backgrounds that require a keen understanding of working in another person’s property. Whether that is a home or a business, we take the same specialized approach to every cleanup job we work on.

It’s Not As Simple As Just Throwing Stuff Away

Junk removal comes with a lot of frustration and sometimes, emotion. For our residential customers who are tied to their possessions, it can be quite the process to free them of their junk. While we don’t have a licensed psychologist on our team, we do have caring and compassionate junk haulers who have dealt with these situations many times over. When you hire SacJunkRemoval, you’re hiring experts to provide a smooth process you’ll walk away feeling happy about.

Tools & Equipment

Our junk removal fees also cover the tools and equipment required to get the job done. Similar to how a Sacramento chiropractor needs to use tools to be successful with their patients, we need to use dumpsters, large hauling trucks and other trash receptacles to be successful with cleaning up a property. The reality is that all of this equipment costs us money and we have to pass that onto our customers. We try to be as fair as possible with our pricing and we think our reviews from past customers reflect that.


Although it’s not necessarily a skill we require, we do have to have the right kind of manpower to help get the job done. Removing appliances and hauling away heavy furniture requires the assistance of a team who are properly equipped to do so. We ensure our team is able to get the job done and will do so in a careful manner.

What Junk Removal Is Not

Because we often run into this, it’s important for us to note what junk removal is not.

First, junk removal is not cleaning a property. We take away the junk, but you’ll need to find another service to clean your property.

Second, we’re not a weekly trash removal service. The City of Sacramento handles that for you; instead, we handle one-time major removals of trash and junk.

Lastly, we are not a construction firm. If you have things in your home or business that are broken, we will not be able to help repair them. For a service like that, you’ll need to find a contractor or specialized serviceperson.

So as you can see, junk removal is a skill. It might not be as involved as learning how to program or rebuilding an old car, but it definitely requires a skill set.