We’re often asked by our customers when is the right time to know to hire a junk removal expert. Most people can keep their homes or businesses clean to a certain point, but it may eventually turn to too much of a mess where you need help from a 3rd party specialist.

So when is it a good time to consider a Sacramento junk removal service?

When Too Much Is Too Much

For residential customers, it’s easy for a home to get cluttered and not notice the mess. You may get used to the mess and it simply doesn’t bother you. But it’s important to keep your home clean and properly sanitized.

Likewise, for our business customers, your reputation is on the line when customers see your business. You don’t want a new customer to get the impression that you are messy and unorganized, right?

1. Junk Removal Is More Than Cleaning

Anyone can hire a cleaning or janitorial service. But junk removal takes a lot more and will likely cost you more. This is because we have to provide dumpsters, haul junk away and pay for our large trucks. We’re leave your house clean and junk free, but we’re also not a janitorial service.

2. Clean Yourself, We’ll Pickup the Junk

If you plan to clean up your home yourself and just need a service to haul away the junk, we’re here to help. We provide curbside cleanup service for residential home owners and business owners. We’ll stop by, determine how much junk you have and then provide a quote to stop by and pick it up. This allows you to organize your place how you want and we’ll just pick up the clutter.

3. Look At Reviews of a Cleanup Service

It’s important to look up a junk removal service provider’s reviews online prior to hiring them. You’ll need to plan to spend $500+, so it’s important you are confident in the service you hire. Start by looking at reviews on Yelp, Google My Business and even the company’s Facebook. If there are good reviews, you should know that they provide a good cleanup service.

A good junk removal service has likely also invested in good SEO services so their pages show up on Google. If you’re finding a business on the first page of Google, they are trusted by Google and most likely a good fit for you.

4. Using Cleaning Products & Chemicals

While we can recommend a handful of cleaning and sanitizing products for your home or business, we do not provide janitorial services. We haul away junk and clutter, but we look to you to keep your space organized and cleaned. We keep a variety of products on our trucks and can help out here and there, but we are not able to provide a full cleaning service.

These are some of the most common questions we hear at Sac Junk Removal and wanted to share them with you. If you can understand that residential and business junk removal is different from cleaning and find a provider with good reviews (like us!), you’ll be set.

If you have any questions about our junk removal services in Sacramento, CA, please contact us anytime. We’re mobile most of the time and are happy to come to you for a free quote.