In addition to working with our residential customers and business customers, we also provide junk removal services for homeowners associations. Because California is filled with these types of governing associations, there are many neighborhoods throughout Sacramento managed by them. And occasionally when a homeowner decides to move or has their home foreclosed on, a lot of junk is left behind. The junk could be in the form of old furniture, old appliances or even landscaping junk. In any case, we help help homeowners associations in Sacramento maintain their junk levels to keep the neighborhoods they manage looking great.

When To Know If You Need a Junk Removal Specialist

As the director or someone who sits on the board of directors for a homeowners association, they are responsible for choosing the various services that homeowners pay for. They collect a monthly fee from homeowners and use the funds for landscaping, contracting projects and of course, junk removal.

If you are someone who manages an HOA and have a few properties with too much junk that is causing the curb appeal of the neighborhood to decline, we would love to connect. In addition to hauling junk from the interior of a home, we can also handle any landscaping and debris on the exterior of the home. We work with several homeowners associations to remove large trees, bushes, weeds and shrubbery that are making the outward appearance of a home look undesirable. If your existing landscaping professional is not removing junk from the exterior of the home, you run the risk of residents in the neighborhood asking what their monthly fee is going toward.

Routine Junk Removal for Your HOA

Junk comes and goes, and needs to be removed rather often for larger neighborhoods managed by a homeowners association. If residents of an HOA are paying into a fund that should be hauling away junk for them on a routine basis, we can get you set up on a recurring plan with huge cost savings that are passed on to your residents. Plus, we offer a curbside pickup service – we’ll give you a day that we’re picking up junk and you just need to relay that to your residents.

Working with California SB 323 for HOA Inspectors

We also work with HOAs that are abiding by SB 323 – California’s new law that requires a professional HOA election takes pace. This means that every board member is elected by the neighborhood’s residents through a California HOA election inspector and every service professional is voted in to work on a certain project or recurring job. We’re happy to present our service offering and show the residents of your neighborhood that we’re a great fit when it comes to junk removal.

Getting Started

If you’re looking for a junk removal company in Sacramento to help with properties governed under your HOA, we would be happy to come by your neighborhood and provide a proposal completely free of charge. Every neighborhood is unique and every HOA has a different set of expectations with their budget. We’ll work with you to make sure we find the right plan and keep your neighborhood as junk free as possible.