Unlike a residential home that is much more likely to become cluttered, a business shouldn’t face the same kind of mess. Business storefronts and offices should maintain a clean look for the benefit of employees and customers of the business. A business’s appearance is often the first impression on a new customer, so keeping it clean matters.

However, some businesses let the clutter pile up and before they know it, they are in need of a junk removal service to try to get their storefront looking better.

What is Business Junk?

When dealing with a commercial business, we run into a lot of things to pick up an and throw away.

1. Technology

It’s all too common for businesses to keep old computers, laptops and phone systems at the business. There’s no real reason they would need to keep this equipment, but time and time again we see it and we remove it. We’ll also help remove old fax machines, printers and server equipment (if you have a server room).

2. Documents

Every business processes a lot of documents. But if you’re not at risk of being audited from the IRS, why keep documents that are more than 10 years old? We help haul away old tax documents, hiring documents, sales reports and anything that a business really doesn’t need to keep on hand.

3. Office Furniture

There’s nothing like office desks, chairs and conference tables laying around to really clutter up a business. If you swap out your furniture every couple of years, don’t hang onto the old furniture. Decide to either donate the furniture or have it hauled away for you.

What Is the Cost for Junk Removal?

Because an office space is usually much larger than a residential home, we custom bid every commercial project we take on. We like to take this approach to ensure our customers get the best possible service at an exceptional rate.

Hourly Rates for Commercial Junk Removal

When we visit your business to provide a bid, we’ll present you with two different options. You’ll have an option for a full bid that usually takes 2-3 days for a complete cleanup and haul away. Or, if you prefer, we can bid out the project based on an hourly rate. This hourly rate is typically more, but the choice is up to the business owner.

Working With Real Estate Agents

We work with real estate agents, too. Commercial real estate agents in Sacramento hire us to help clear out a business property they are trying to put on the market. Let us provide you with a custom quote based on the building and the amount of clutter involved. We think you’ll be happy with the cleanup service we provide.

Where Do You Take the Junk?

Similar to our residential haul away services, we take old electronics, documents and furniture to the dump or we choose to donate it on your behalf. For instance, if you’re wanting to get rid of office chairs and they are still in relatively good condition, there’s no reason to not donate them to Goodwill.

Do I Have to Be Present for the Removal Process?

With so many people going between their work office and their home office on a frequent basis nowadays, this is an understandable question. While we prefer to have our business clients present during a pickup, it’s not mandatory. Anything we come across during the cleanup we will run by you anyway. We’ve even started using Zoom and Facetime to help show clients what we’re needed to get rid of and make sure we have a thumbs up.

Get Started with a Cleanup

Take a few minutes during this coming work week to evaluate your office area. Do you have old electronics laying around? What about decades old paper? If there’s no reason to keep these items, it’s in your best interest to hire a junk removal service and get rid of it.

If you recently did a commercial cleanup, we would love to know how it went!