One of the most common questions we receive at Sac Junk Removal is about throwing out old technology. This could everything from laptops to desktop computers, peripherals (mice, keyboards, speakers), cable boxes, modems and more. Any piece of technological equipment reaches the end of its life and you, the user of that equipment, must decide what to do with the equipment. Should you donate it, throw it away in your trash or decide to store it for safekeeping?

Let’s take a look at the options and what we recommend you do.

Donating It

In a time where information security is of the utmost importance, choosing to donate your old computers, phones and other forms of technology is not a good idea.

Information security experts tell us this is the most common way passwords are stolen. If you have ever entered in a password, logged into a bank account or even a Facebook account from any of these devices, the security of your information is at risk.

It’s great to donate items to the local Goodwill and give back to the community, but you’ll need to ask yourself if it’s safe to donate an old piece of equipment. In our opinion and that of trusted IT professionals, it’s not.

Trashing It

Arguably the safest option, trashing your old technology items will do away with them and they will end up at the landfill. There’s a much lower risk that anyone will go hunting for information at the landfill, so you can rest assured your information will be safe. Still, we recommend taking steps to make sure the equipment is all but destroyed when you go to throw it away. This will simply ensure any information recorded on any of the equipment is inaccessible. If the equipment looks broken, you’re most likely safe.

Keeping It

Although people can choose to donate or trash their tech equipment, we’re in business because so many people decide to keep their outdated computers, phones and other devices. The one question we have is, why?

Technology is outdated almost as soon as you walk out of Best Buy or your favorite electronics store. Since the components change so frequently, there’s no need to keep old laptops, computers or other equipment. Still, people do so and this is where we come into play. Keeping old technology is not necessary and we can help you dispose of it the proper way.

Old Electronics Pickup

As part of our curbside pickup service, we’ll also haul away your old computers and electronics. We take them to the landfill, ensure they are nearly destroyed and won’t be accessed by anyone trying to steal your information.

Electronics Removal for Businesses

We can also help if you need to get rid of office equipment at your business. There’s no point in keep old computers and peripherals, so let us help you properly dispose of them. Just like our residential service, we’ll pick up your computers, printers, routers and anything else you would like removed from your office. Simply contact us to schedule a quote.