It might seem like an improbable situation, but we have seen this happen:

A customer walks into a business that is overly messy with clutter and junk, has an accident of some sort and then ends up suing the business due to personal injury.

It’s really sad to see a business reach this point, but it does happen. In today’s post we want to cover what you can do as a business owner if you are ever involved in this situation. Of course, you can prevent such a lawsuit from occurring if you hire a service like Sacramento Junk Removal to keep your business de-cluttered and clean in the first place.

So You Have Been Involved In An Accident Due to Clutter

Just like a business is responsible for the walkways in front of its location and can’t allow people to trip and fall, you are also responsible for any clutter on the inside of your business. You have to keep your business as clean and organized as possible to avoid any unintentional accidents that may occur because of a mess.

What About Landscaping Messes?

The landscaping around your business is also your responsibility. If you have low hanging tree branches or other shrubbery that could endanger someone, you need to keep things neatly organized and avoid accidents. While Sac Junk Removal is not a landscaping service, we will help you pick up any outdoor junk like tree branches, bushes, dead grass, etc. We haul it away for you so your business looks clean and is safe.

What About Covid-19 Protocol?

With the pandemic we all experienced in the last year, it’s become even more important for businesses to be de-cluttered and clean. We now understand how quickly disease can spread and old garbage and junk are great carriers of a variety of diseases. To avoid this, you need to keep your business junk-free and clean at all times. If a person happened to catch an illness (Covid-19 or otherwise), your business could be held responsible.

You’re Getting Sued by a Customer – What Can You Do?

Any type of accidents that result because of a messy business are often classified under injury law. As soon as you know a lawsuit is pending for your business, you’ll want to contact a qualified personal injury attorney right away. A personal injury attorney is going to show you how you may or may not be liable for a person’s injury at your business. If you are held responsible, the attorney will negotiate for the best terms for you so you can avoid high fines and other penalties.

Preventative Measures

You can protect yourself from losing assets in a lawsuit by making your business into a limited liability corporation. An LLC can provide certain protections that will allow you to stay safe in the event that you are sued by a customer over an injury. Start the process by working with a business establishment attorney. They’ll get you set up as an LLC and advise you on any issues you may face if a customer happens to have an accident at your business.

Don’t Forget About Insurance

Another preventative measure is to have the right liability insurance for your business. Although an injury due to clutter will be protected to an extent with a liability insurance policy, there are other reasons to have this type of policy. Contact your local commercial insurance broker to figure out what the best plan is for you.

What Else Can You Do?

Of course, you can avoid potential injuries at your business by keeping it clean and clutter free. That’s where we come in and we’re happy to help remove any sort of junk you may have at your place of business. Please contact us to set up a free quote for your commercial business and avoid lawsuits altogether.